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First and last, vocabulary.

The words and phase you can use will determine the level of your English, usually the minimum level, and you must always pay attention to your vocabulary building.

Reading articles, listening to audio, watching video clips on YouTube etc., all service one and the only purpose at the very beginning: to expand your English vocabulary and get familiar with those words.

All other shortcuts, advanced learning skills all have one hidden prerequisite that is you have already mastered enough words and phrases. If there are too many words and phrases you cannot understand when you are reading an article or watching a video, and you have to look them up in a dictionary, it will be cumbersome, and frustrating.

Language learning is always a spiral, it is hard and there is no effortless way. The more words you know, the more confidence you will have, and during the process, your English skill will be more proficient.

Do not overlook the effects of writing. Try to draft an article with the words you already knew and then try to polish this article with unfamiliar words with the same meaning, fell the differences of these words, your skill will be taken to a whole new level.
4 天前
回复了 NETID 创建的主题 生活 作为酒桌文化的文盲,我好慌……
6 天前
回复了 JimmyLX 创建的主题 问与答 [GV] 骚扰电话好多,怎么解决
不只是 GV, T-Mobile. Fi, Hushed, textnow, 还有公司的那些直线电话号码, 都时不时的有这些广告 /诈骗电话打进来,不接就进 voice mail. 某种类型的广告还很有季节性
6 天前
回复了 461da73c 创建的主题 宽带症候群 大家的家宽公网 IP 怎么玩
@100240v 请问是啥软件 能给个关键词么?
8 天前
回复了 bigxianyu 创建的主题 问与答 有什么东西会随着时间推移价值增加?
8 天前
回复了 gefranks 创建的主题 iPad 3 月 27 号下单的 iPad Pro,终于收到了
@fluffyfoxxo AC+这个是激活后才开始计算的,激活后才給我发了邮件从激活的那天开始算的
8 天前
回复了 gefranks 创建的主题 iPad 3 月 27 号下单的 iPad Pro,终于收到了
便宜的也在淘宝上看到过,12K 左右的 2T+ ESIM 的, 但是不是我想要的版本, 就没下手了,按以往的情况,原来预期 2 个月能运到的, 没料到用了这么长时间。
9 天前
回复了 tans0008 创建的主题 问与答 有国外手机卡可以做什么?
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